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The Nordland Adventure has been postponed for 2018
Keep an eye on new projects until then.

The Nordland Adventure represents Nomad Realm's 2018 travel plan. A 10.000 km roadtrip through Norway and Sweden for 25 days. 
The trip in the Bavarian Alps this year was more than special, but on this next journey I thought about doing something different.
It's not only twice as big, but also, for the first time, I will be taking a group of people with me, so we can experience together some of the most remote and breathtaking regions in the north.

  • - On this trip one or two groups will be able to attend.
  • - Each group must consist in 4 people. Less than that means more money to spend for each group member.
  • - Each group must have a car and two drivers minimum.
  • - Expense per group/car: 4000 - 4800 €

- Group 1 -

- Group 2 -

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the next year's "Nomad Realm" roadtrip.
In 2018 I want to take 4 or 8 people with me through Norway and Sweden.

 The trip is not only a travel itinerary. It's an adventure, and for some of us, probably the first biggest adventure that will someday become a story for our grandchildren.

If you feel like you didn't fully understand some of the information in here, please feel free to contact me via email at nomadrealm@gmail.com or by messaging the Facebook page. I will be active most of the time and very responsive.
I will cover the most important topics, starting with people's main concerns and ending with basic information about what we may encounter along the way to the north side of the globe.

The topics:
- Starting point, trip duration and necessary documents
- Budget
The road
- Hiking locations
- Vistas
- Hotels/Huts/Cabins
- Camping
- Gear & clothing
- Film & photography
- Additional info

Starting point, trip duration and necessary documents

The itinerary will be done by car. There will be a maximum of two cars and 4 people in each car.
It's mandatory that each vehicle has at least two drivers.

Starting point:
The most comfortable starting point is in Hamburg.
We will leave on August 12, Saturday at 05:00 AM, but it is possible to meet in Oslo in the same day between 06:00 PM and Sunday, August 13, at 06:00 AM if you decide to take a flight. We will be leaving from Oslo at 08:00 AM, but we need time to set up backpacks and luggage in the car if you come in the morning.
By coming later than that you would not only miss a lot of fun but would also severely complicate things. The least we can do in this situation is communicate and maybe work something out. I hope it doesn’t come to that.
Trip duration:
The whole trip will last 25 days (23 nights) between August 12 – September 5. I know this is the most common issue (more than money), but after serious calculations on mileage and things to see, we cannot possibly do it in less days. The trip duration will not be changed.
This means that you have to save at least 17 days of vacation time from work. Make sure you announce HR or company management in advance.
Necessary documents:
If you are living in Europe, especially in a country within the EU, no visa is required for entering Norway. All that is needed are a valid passport and ID.
Sweden is an EU country, so only passport or ID is required.
People that are not living in Europe and are coming from abroad will need to apply for a visitor visa. Please be sure to do this in advance, as waiting time may be required.
Whether you live in Europe or abroad, please make sure you check your country’s Foreign Affairs official website for more info.
It goes without saying, but drivers should definitely carry their driver's licence.


The second most important question on everyone’s lips is: “How much money would this cost me?”
Well, it will not be cheap, but it’s way much cheaper than venturing by yourself in something like this.
I will be super transparent and explain.
We will need 3 different currencies – euro, Norwegian krone and Swedish krona.
Upon entering every country, we must stop at the nearest exchange booth and switch currency.
Also, please remember that this budget is only for basic and very important group dependencies, like fuel, taxes and hotel reservations. Food and pocket money must be calculated individually based on each person's needs.

There will be 9000 km to drive, but I’ve rounded up to 10.000, because of course we may run around a bit or miss some roads. This doesn’t mean we’ll get lost.
For 10.000 km, and a fuel consumption of 10 liters per 100km, the average fuel that we will need along the road will be 1000 liters.
We will leave Hamburg with a full tank.
The gas prices in Norway are not that modest, so we might expect 1.55-1.65€ per liter (14.65-15.25 NOK per liter)
The gas prices in Sweden are a little more tolerant, at a rate of 1.40-1.45€ per liter (13.25-13.55 SEK)
I calculated everything at an average 1.60€ per liter, so overall, the gas will cost us 1600€ (400€ per person)
Ferry crossings and road taxes:
This is a very complicated subject as for some ferry crossings, reservations have to be made in advance and Norway has A LOT of toll stations on its highways and bridges.
We will have 9 ferry crossings and almost all ferry tolls cost 30€ for the car (250 NOK) and 12€ per passenger (100 NOK)
Road tolls can be payed 2 different ways:
- In advance, by charging your credit card and stopping at every toll station.
- After the trip, by receiving an invoice.
Road tolls vary in price, between 5€ and 10€.
There will be 2 stations that I already know of in Denmark but in Norway it’s hard to track.
For all 9 ferry tolls I calculated a 200€ per person allocation, and road taxes may take up to 50 - 70€ per person. So in total, the tolls will cost 250 - 270€ per person.
There are 12 hotel stays in total. All of them are either hostels, vacation camping houses or 4 persons rooms. If you have any special requests on this, please notify me as soon as possible. But also note that this would be the cheapest way.
Reservations must be done in advance because of the high flow of tourists during summer time. The price will not exceed 25 - 35€/person/night so that will lead to a total of 300 - 335 euros/person for hotel reservations.

So let’s do a recap:
Fuel – 400€/person
Taxes – 250 - 270€/person
Hotels – 300 - 335€/person
This is a grand total of 1000-1100€/person

The road

The road through the entire trip pretty much varies, in length as well as in difficulty.
As I mentioned earlier, we will be leaving from Hamburg and our main goal is to cross through Norway, a portion of northern Sweden and reach the city of Tromsø.
The roadtrip consists in almost 10.000 km including the way back.

The mileage and stops are listed as followed:
The way up north: 4100 km
- Hamburg (starting point)
- Oslo
- Sanddalstølen (Oppland, Norway)
- Geiranger Fjord (Møre og Romsdal, Norway)
- Åndalsnes (Møre og Romsdal, Norway)
- Trondheim (Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
- Tosbotn (Nordland, Norway)
- Arjeplog (Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden)
- Ritsem (Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden)
- Nikkaluokta (Norrbotten, Gällivare, Sweden)
- Tromsø (Troms, Norway)

The way back south: 5100 km (entirely through Norway)
- Tromsø (Troms)
- Bleik (Lofoten, Nordland)
- Kvalvika Beach (Lofoten, Nordland)
- Sørvågen (Lofoten, Nordland)
- Bøsanden (Lofoten, Nordland)
- Nesna (Nordland)
- Kristiansund (Møre og Romsdal)
- Ålesund (Møre og Romsdal)
- Bergen (Hordaland)
- Tyssedal (Hordaland)
- Jørpeland (Rogaland)
- Hellestø (Rogaland)
- Ogna (Rogaland)
- Mandal (Vest-Agder)
- Oslo
- Hamburg (end of trip)

Hiking locations

There will be 12 hiking locations throughout the entire trip, which I carefully selected for us to get a good grip of what nature has to offer.
These hikes are split into two categories, optional and mandatory. However, we know for certain that all of them lead to amazing points of interest. (vistas)
We should consider these hikes carefully and measure each of our drive and physical capabilities. In case of severe weather conditions (heavy rain, thunderstorms) any kind of hiking activity will be  canceled.

Giving the fact that the majority of these small expeditions occur from one day to another, some of us may be too tired and fatigued to challenge, for example, the ascension of a 800 meters peak - in which case it's required to find other activities instead, or simply wait in the car. But we will find out about side-activities later on. No worries - none of us will experience boredom for even one second.

Important thing to note is that no one will go back unattended in the unfortunate event of injury or being too tired to continue, and at least one more person will have to abandon the hike. We stick together and no one is left behind. Remember that on this whole trip we are like a family and we take care of ourselves the best we can. We may be completely out of our comfort zones, but comfort is still important to a certain degree.

Not feeling fit for this trip yet? No worries, you have plenty of time until August to train your body, as physical condition is key, at least for the mandatory hikes.
People that present chronic illnesses, severe height sickness or anxiety under changing atmospheric pressure are unfortunately not advised to attend. This doesn't only put your own health at risk but also the comfort and well being of others. Sorry about that.

All hiking activities will take place in August and, in chronological order:
Nordlandstjernet - 12 km - optional
Besseggen Ridge - 10 km - optional
Skageflå - 6 km - optional
Rampestreken - 6 km - optional
Ritsem Ridge - 18 km - optional
Tarfala - 42 km (the longest hike on our trip) - mandatory
Otervikvatnet - 6 km - optional
Kvalvika Beach - 6 km - optional
Reinebringen - 4 km - optional
Spilderhesten - 8 km - optional
Trolltunga - 23 km - mandatory
Preikestolen - 8 km - optional

In order to ensure the reach of these objectives, keep in mind that every morning we must wake up early, between 6:00 and 10:00 AM, as the distance between some of them exceeds 300 km of driving.
I hope this section helps you visualize how demanding - but also beautiful - this adventure can be.


The term "Vista" has several meanings, but on this roadtrip, vistas represent the key to what we see in both Norway and Sweden.
Mountains, fjords, waterfalls, islands - vistas in these two countries are plenty and scattered throughout the land, and by being so, you could actually spend a lifetime traveling and still not be able to reach all of them.
A few are high on top of mountain peaks or within confined fjords, so they cannot be visible without a bit of work, such as trekking or hiking.
A vista doesn't necessarily have to be high above, though. We will also find ourselves camping on beaches, surrounded by 800 meters high mountains.
Most of these beautiful sights can also be visible just by taking a break while driving between our camping spots or hotel reservations.

As there are over 30 vistas on our journey, I will not list them here, so they will remain a bit of a surprise, for now. For the people that want an early spoiler, you can find these locations on the map, by checking the "Vistas" section.


As I mentioned before, there will be 12 nights of sleeping in hotels. The price varies depending, of course, on the touristic activity and natural beauty.
I selected these establishments considering location, conditions and price. So it's safe to say that I chose the most decent places where we can eat, shower and get a goodnight sleep, sometimes after two or five days of driving, camping and hiking.
List of accommodations:

12-13 August - OsloAnker Apartment
14-15 August - Geiranger - Homlong Gjestetun- Fjelltun
16-17 August - Åndalsnes - Villa Haudalan
17-18 August - TosbotnetTosbotn Camping & Cottages
20-21 August - Tromsø Tromsø Camping
23-24 August - Sørvågen - Sørvågen INN
27-28 August - KristiansundHoems
28-29 August - Ålesund - Volsdalen Camping
29-30 August - Bergen - Bergen Hostel Montana
31 Aug-01 Sept. - StavangerStavanger St Svithun Vandrerhjem
01-02 September - MandalMones Feriesenter
02-03 September - Oslo - Anker Apartment

Please consider that the reservations have been made for all these locations in advance.
They can of course be canceled before the 1st of August and we pay at every location in cash. So you don't have to pay anything in advance.
In some locations there are double rooms but in most of them there will be one single room with bunk beds for 4 people or 4 people cabins.
Anyone that has a special request on this should contact me as soon as possible. Keep in mind, though, that this is the cheapest way to go.


"Outdoor recreation is a major part of the Norwegian national identity, and one reason for that is that we may go just about where we please. As long as it’s open country, the right of access – sometimes also known as the right to roam – ensures that we are free to enjoy the great outdoors to our heart’s content. And so can you, when you are here." - VisitNorway website

As you might guess, camping is allowed in the great outdoors not only in Norway, but in Sweden also.
The only simple rule to camping is that we may put up a tent, or sleep under the stars, for the night anywhere in the countryside, forests or mountains, except in cultivated fields and lay­bys. However, we must keep at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin.
Furthermore, it is essential that we leave the camping site like we weren't even there. So that means no lasting damage, garbage or anything that may do harm to the environment.

There are 12 camping sites:
13 - 14 August - Sanddalstølen (Vang) - fjord
17 - 18 August - Hällvik - mountain
18 - 19 August - Ritsem - mountain
19 - 20 August - Tarfala - mountain
21 - 22 August - Bleik in Andøy - beach
22 - 23 August - Kvalvika - beach
24 - 25 August - Bøsanden - beach
25 - 26 August - Neverdal - fjord
26 - 27 August - Nesna - fjord
30 - 31 August - Trolltunga - fjord
01 - 02 September - Ogna - beach

Please read the Gear and clothing section for information regarding some of the things we need for camping.

Gear & clothing

Everyone's gear and clothing depend on personal comfort, but each of us must consider some of the important things which we definitely depend on and the allocated space we have in the car.
The most essential things that each of us will need are:
Backpack - each person must have a big backpack when hiking towards our camping locations. The best backpack that we can have on this trip would be a backpack that would not exceed 60L in volume.
This way we can carry everything mentioned below.
Tent - as much as I would enjoy the idea of sleeping under the stars, night in the north can get cold even during the summer. Two people will share one tent, so we have to make sure that we have two-persons tents. Talk amongst each other on what tent to buy or borrow from relatives/friends if need be.
Having two-persons tents will not only avoid solitary boredom but will also make it easier to carry when hiking to some of our camping locations.
Sleeping bag - most essential of them all, each person must have his own a sleeping bag.
As there's a wide variety of sleeping bags out there, we must consider the comfort temperature, shape and size.
The most common used is the mummy shaped sleeping bag, and I advise that on this trip you choose a comfort temperature between 0°C and -5°C. As I said, the nights get cold and we can't risk getting sick.
The size depends on your height, but as an example, if your height is 175cm, you must buy an L size sleeping bag (190cm).
I would also advise to buy one that doesn't exceed 2 kg, and make sure that the filling of the sleeping bag is not made with goose feathers. Anything nylon and polyester is suitable.
Insulating mat (iso-mat) - the insulating mat is what we put underneath the sleeping bag, so we don't sleep straight on the ground that touches the tent's floor fabric. This one is also essential and comes as standard in all outdoor shops, so it won't be difficult to find one. You can also buy an inflating mat, but they're more pretentious when it comes to maintenance.
Clothing - during our hikes, some of the clothing material will be left inside the car, so you won't have to worry about carrying unnecessary stuff in your backpack. How many clothes you take depends on your personal comfort but still, keep in mind the space we have in the car.
I would suggest the following:
8x t-shirts
2x thin long sleeve sweaters
8x pairs of socks (2x thick pairs for sleeping)
6x underwear
4x short pants
2x thin long trekking pants
2x thick long trekking pants
1x fleecejacket
1x pullover
1x winter jacket
1x pair of low trekking shoes (light summer)
1x pair of mid trekking shoes (heavy water resistant)
1x pair of thin gloves
1x sun shielding hat
Additional items:
- Hiking poles
- Head flashlight + spare batteries
- Eating utensils (fork, knife, spoon)
- Tent lamp (one for each tent)
- Flashlight
- Camping pillow (believe me, it's awesome and doesn't take a lot of space in the backpack)

Film & photography

The "film and photography" topic will play an important role on this roadtrip.
Together with my friend Marian, we will work on several projects, one of them representing the second installment within the Nomad Realm timelapse shorts album: "HARMONI".
We can't give information on the other projects yet, but it's going to be a lot bigger than what I did in 2016.
That being said, I would ask you all to be patient with our work. This adventure is organized in such a way that we can combine work with pleasure and sense of freedom and tranquility, so that no one will get bored.

Additional info (to be updated until the start of our trip)

If you are open minded, able to "communicate" with nature and a person that dreams every day about getting out of their routine, then this journey will suit you.
I am really looking forward to meeting you guys.

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